Celebrating 100 Years of Women Voting in Oklahoma

by Deborah Langley

2018 is the 100th anniversary of the passage of the Oklahoma constitutional amendment granting women the right to vote in Oklahoma elections.

The League of Women Voters of the Bartlesville Area is working with the Women’s Network on the Oklahoma Woman Suffrage Celebration Committee.  It will commemorate the actions of those who worked a hundred years ago to promote women’s rights, and it will educate the youth of today about what it took to get that done. The Bartlesville Jane Phillips Society also helped fund this project.  

The committee will provide book marks and free vertical 5-foot banners featuring an informative time-line to public high schools and city libraries. The display panels highlight the 1918 struggles to win woman suffrage in Oklahoma and the importance of becoming informed and faithful voters for life. The background for the banners is the Bartlesville Area History Museum’s photo of local women in a large open-top car holding their voting signs.

Displays and bookmarks are ready for use during national Women’s History Month in March. Displays will stay at sites for future use, as the 2020 centennial of the 19th Amendment granting all American women the right to vote is fast approaching.  Additionally, the Committee designed an Oklahoma Votes for Women yellow magnetic button available for a donation of $5 (plus shipping) to raise money. These “Celebrate” buttons can currently be purchased by contacting Deborah Langley (land line 918-336-6652 or cowgirl04OK@aol.com.).  They cost $5 and are definitely big enough to make a statement!

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