The Latest on the 2017 – 2019 Study: An Update of LWVOK Positions on Education

The 2017 – 2019 Study: An Update of LWVOK Positions on Education


In March, 2017, the Board of Directors of the League of Women Voters of Oklahoma voted to recommend a 2017-19 study focusing on an update of the current positions on education.

The board noted that the LWVOK positions on education had not been updated recently, and that most Oklahomans express concern about the state of public education in our state. Delegates to the June 2017 LWVOK Convention endorsed this recommendation.


The LWVOK Program Committee, currently headed by Karen Cárdenas, has set the scope and timeline of the study.


The scope of the 2017-2019 restudy of the League of Women Voters of Oklahoma position on education will focus on education in the 21st Century. It will begin with a review of the current education-related positions in order to determine what general principles the LWVOK can still affirm. The study will include alternate delivery methods and their impact as well as research into how other states fund common, higher and technical education and why proper funding is crucial.

Click on Study Materials part 1 and Study Materials part 2 and Consensus Questions to find those files. “Short List of previous positions for Question 1″< f> One link in Study Materials Part 1 will not work in pdf for some reason, so for that information, click on Oklahoma State Department of Education

New articles on education continue to appear and many are pertinent to education in Oklahoma. Please check the LWVOK Facebook page frequently to see new posts.


Research by committeeOctober 2017 – March 2018
Develop consensus questionsJanuary – March 2018
Develop study materialsJanuary – March 2018
Board approval study materialsMarch 2018
Post study materials on websiteMay 1, 2018
Post consensus questions on websiteMay 1, 2018
Post response form on websiteJune 1, 2018
Deadline for Local League responsesFebruary 15, 2019

The LWVOK Education Restudy Task Force investigated public schools and the way they are funded. It also researched higher education, vouchers, charter and virtual schools.  Because the face of education changes daily, all League members are encouraged to contribute current information in addition to what is presented in the study materials, which, along with the Consensus Questions, are now available at the LWVOK website.

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