More Workshops, Resources, and Information from Convention 2018

by Joyce Collard, LWV of Norman

Regional Water Study

On the day prior to the LWVUS Convention, Deborah Langley and Joyce Collard attended a regional water study, with information addressing approaches and solutions to problems across the country. Some of the presentations were from the League of Women Voters Upper Mississippi River Region an Inter-League Organization, comprised of member Leagues throughout the Upper Mississippi River watershed and others across the country. Video of the talks will be available soon. You may contact to be added to the monthly e-newsletter. More information about watersheds can be found here. And you can find your own watershed here. We all have one. These myriads of watersheds have many problems, and our League members have continually and tirelessly fought for solutions, and they are making progress. Other resources are available at the United States Geological Survey website.

A 2020 Complete Census is Very Important for States’ Health and Economy

The census allocates the seats of the U.S. House of Representatives based on states’ population, helps distribute over $400 billion in federal funds every year, helps states, and local communities make informed decisions about where to build and maintain schools, hospitals, transportation infrastructure, police and fire departments and other services. More important and controversial for the 2020 Census is the question of U.S. citizenship. It will probably scare many people from completing the form, thus reducing needed services. Contact your congressional representatives now to voice your concerns.  

Actions to take now:

  • Join a state or local Complete Count Committee.
  • Using demographic information, identify the communities in your area that are likely to be undercounted.
  • Engage with partners and allies reflecting the diversity of your community and assess entry points into undercounted areas.
  • Launch community education forums for the public and elected officials.
  • Conduct letter-writing campaigns focused to your local papers and elected officials underscoring why a full count benefits your area.

Election Day: Are We Ready?   

Help America Vote Act (HAVA) Election Security Funds are available to states to be requested by 2023. The funds can be used for updating equipment to include a paper record, providing poll observation to protect the security of the vote, providing language translation, providing on-line registration, improving accessibility, providing more poll workers, and addressing problems at voter sites.Oklahoma’s portion of the funds is $5,196,017.00, plus its 5% share.

For more information, visit the US Election Assistance Commission. Problems at the polls should be investigated immediately, and getting the voter’s name for follow up is very important. Also, get and report all of the good things for voter confidence.  

More Convention Resources

In future newsletter(s), we’ll have more useful news. Resources are also going out to local Leagues not attending the last Trustee meeting.  

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