2019-2021 LWVOK Study

The 2017-2019 Education restudy has concluded, and it is time to start thinking about a topic for our 2019-2021 study. The topic of Criminal Justice has been suggested as has the topic of Healthcare. If you are a member, please contact your Local League Chair or email your suggestions to our office: officeokclwv@gmail.com.

The studies we conduct are used to form position statements, and we can refer to these position statements in order to advocate for issues. For instance, in 2018 LWVOK was able to take a position in support of SQ788, which was voted into law in July 2018.

from LWVOK.org

The Education Restudy that was the focus of 2017-2019. More information and examples of materials and timelines can be found in this May update.

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